2016 - Projects

Support for Carolina Refugee Resettlement Agency

As part of our commitment to help local communities in need, Sangamithra Foundation selected Carolina Refugee Resettlement Agency (CRRA) as one of the deserving non-profits that would benefit from our support. It was a great opportunity for Sangamithra Foundation to partner with Deloitte US at their Consulting Connect event to help CRRA with donations of items that help set up refugees from around the world in new homes in Charlotte. The donations also included much needed office supplies to CRRA. Deloitte offered the opportunity to showcase Sangamithra’s accomplishments and spread awareness about the work we do through a presentation. There was also an activity session where the participants provided great ideas to help overcome some of our challenges. The collaboration with Deloitte was made possible by the joint effort of our dedicated volunteers Shabda Bhujad, Virag Rastogi, Anurag Rastogi and Sangamithra board members.

Financial Aid for School Meals Program

The students of Vivekananda Residential Tribal School are children from impoverished tribal families who are fully dependent on the school to receive free nutritious meals along with quality education. Sangamithra Foundation is supporting the school by funding expenses associated with the cost of providing a month’s worth of nutritious meals every year. 


Sangamithra Scholarship Program

Started a scholarship program for high school graduates in May 2013. This annual scholarship program is designed to motivate young adults to achieve their educational goals by providing financial support for higher education. The scholarship is given to high performing students from financially disadvantaged homes to help jump start their college education. The scholarship program has been implemented so far in five schools in Kerala, India.

Sangamithra Educational Aid Program 

Established the Sangamithra Education Aid Program in May 2013. This program is designed to provide financial support for high performing college students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds.




Chennai Flood Relief

Due to flooding, thousands of people were stranded and left without basic necessities like water, food, dry clothes or medical Support. By working with organizations such Charlotte Tamil Sangam, funds were distributed to support the disaster relief efforts.