2014 - Projects

Financial Aid for School Meals Program

The students of Vivekananda Residential Tribal School are children from impoverished tribal families who are fully dependent on the school to receive free nutritious meals. Sangamithra Foundation is in the process of supporting the school by funding expenses associated with the cost of providing a month’s worth of nutritious meals. Our aim is to make this an annual aid.




Mobility Aids for Association for People with Disabilities (APD)

APD is an organization based in Mysore, India, that empowers people with disabilities and enables their integration into the mainstream. Sangamithra is currently working closely with the organization to provide equipment like crutches, braces and other mobility aids that APD distributes among economically disadvantaged people with disabilities..



Medicines & Vocational Training Equipment

Sukrutham Charitable Trust is an organization founded by Dr. Salila Mullan and based in Wayanad District, India. The Trust works with economically and educationally disadvantaged tribal communities within this district in the areas of healthcare and education by setting up free medical camps and providing vocational training programs to youth of the area. Sangamithra is in the process of providing Sukrutham Trust with an inventory of medicines for the medical camps, as well as sewing machines to set up a vocational training center for young women of the area


Sangamithra Scholarship Program

Started a scholarship program for high school graduates. This annual scholarship program is designed to motivate young adults to achieve their educational goals by providing financial support for higher education. The scholarship is given to high performing students from financially disadvantaged homes to help jump start their college education. The scholarship program has been implemented so far in five schools in Kerala, India.



Sangamithra Educational Aid Program

Established the Sangamithra Education Aid Program in May 2013. This program is designed to provide financial support for high performing college students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds.